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International vines

Grape Varieties


Vigorous vine originating from Gironde (Bordeaux). The variety is made up of several biotypes that differ in the size of the bunch and in the aromas of the grapes. Thanks to Rosazzo microclimate and terroir, Sauvignon grapes donate us a very stuctured and complex wine, able to impress with aging.

Pinot Grigio

Originally from the Bourgogne, this vine is in its element in hills areas and is very popular on foreign markets. To get its classic copper colour, the grapes are soaked briefly during the vinification process.

Pinot Bianco

A noble grape variety originally from Bourgogne which finds a highly favourable habitat in this area of Colli Orientalli del Friuli. The wine obtained is particularly full-bodied and elegant, a unique base for wines set to be refined in wooden barrels and for ageing.

Cabernet Franc

This grape is originally from Bordeaux, which makes for a wine with characteristic herbaceous flavour. By controlling the yields in the vineyard, the wine obtained is important, elegant and spicy, especially suited to ageing.

Cabernet Sauvigon

The area of Rosazzo, which is warm and dry, is ideal for this particular vine originating from Bordeaux. Elegant, with great character, it is especially suitable for long refining processes in wooden barrels. It is unique at Ronco delle Betulle, together with the Merlot, for use in making our Rosso “Narciso”.


Also originally from Bordeaux, this grape variety adapted well to Rosazzo climate, making it possible to produce a high quality wine, even during the toughest years. It is rich, elegant, brimming with colour and is ideal for long ageing processes. At the Ronco delle Betulle it is the main component of  our Rosso “Narciso”.