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“A wine’s personality always derives from the soil, the sun and the air: it is not something you can build.”

“Our philosophy on winemaking reflects our belief that great wines are the result of a perfect combination of soil, microclimate, good vintages, passonate people and the respect for nature. In the cellar, there is no need for too much technology, alchemy or magic formulae. We are located in DOCG Rosazzo, an area with a long-term tradition in wine production in Italy, and we do our best to make the best possible wines without manipulating or altering them artificially in the cellar.”

According to Ivana Adami, who has made wine-making her vocation since 1988. The philosophy of Ronco delle Betulle, shared and then implemented by her son Simone, lies in this very desire to maintain this typical traits of fine wines, respecting their original authentic character, and without altering their peculiarities.

At Ronco delle Betulle we vinify only estate grown grapes, from our 12 hectars, cultivated following an artisanal approach, deeply based on common sense, where it is not contemplated the use of synthetic chemistry, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Great attention is paid to the development of vitality in our soils and in the humification processes of the same, through sustainable agricultural practices such as green manure, organic fertilizations and the careful use of biodynamic preparations.  No artificial irrigation is used, nor mechanical harvest. The care of wooded areas and the use of an innovative system of natural phytodepuration of processing water contribute to protect the environment in a sustainable way. The grapes are strictly harvested by hand with the right physiological ripeness, softly de-stemmed, left in contact with the skins for a few hours or days depending on the grape variety and vintage. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentations occur naturally, without use of selected yeasts or bacteria, with moderate temperature control. After adequate and patient ageing in steel and oak barrels, the wines come bottled with very light filtrations for whites, without filtration for reds.

From 2019 vintage, the wines produced at Ronco delle Betulle are also certified organic.