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DOCG COF Picolit

Excellent sweet wine. Since the 1600s, this wine has been renowned in European and Papal courts, and it is also an indigenous vine which found its perfect natural habitat in the Rosazzo malm. With a more or less strong yellow colour, it has an ample bouquet that is reminiscent of acacia flowers, honey and dried fruit.

Elegant and aristocratic, it should be sipped slowly to capture the aroma and taste sensations, which vary continuously.

100% Picolit


Training system: double arched cane

System density: 3000 vines per hectare

Yield: 20 hl per hectare

Vineyards year of planting: 1978-2002

Wine making

Manual harvesting in trays, late season, usually by the first half of November

Fermentation: in semi-new barrique

Time in barrique: 6/12 months according to the vintage

Bottling: one year after production

Ageing: at least one year in the bottle

Pairings: a meditative wine, which can also be paired with fois gras, shellfish (oysters, etc.), fatty cheeses and fermented cheeses

Serve cool, but not too cold.