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DOC FCO Pinot Grigio

Full-bodied and elegant at the same time, young spirited and fruity. The aroma is reminiscent of acacia flowers. Over time it emits an even more ample and complex bouquet, with hints of hay and dried fruit.

Brief maceration of the pressed grapes gives the wine a characteristic copper colour.


Training system: Unilateral Guyot

System density: 5680 vines per hectare

Yield: 60 quintals per hectare

Vineyards year of planting: 2002

Wine making

Manual grape harvest in trays, de-stemming of grapes, cooling and brief maceration of the pressed grapes.

Fermentation at 15°

Wine time on the lees: 5/6 months

Bottling: March/April

Non-sterile filtration

Recommended ageing: at least six months in the bottle

Pairings: various hors d’oeuvres, simple soups and broths, seafood dishes, eggs, white meats and boiled meats

Serve at 12°C.