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DOC FCO Friulano

Together with Ribolla and Pignolo, this is the grape variety that most represents Rosazzo. Especially full-bodied, it has a low acidity level that renders it smooth and soft, with a delicate hint of bitter almonds; in addition, at Ronco delle Betulle, it also acquires deep mineral tones and, in cold vintages, light aromatic notes.


Training system: double arched cane

System density: 4500 vines per hectare

Yield: 70 quintals per hectare

Vineyards year of planting: 1970-1978- 1985-1988-1991-2002

Wine making

Manual grape harvest in trays, soft de-stemming of grapes, cooling and maceration of the pressed grapes. Selected Friulano is macerated for several days.

Fermentation at 20°

Wine time on the lees: 5/6 months

Bottling: April

No sterile filtration

Recommended ageing: at least six months in the bottle

Pairings: San Daniele prosciutto, soups, risotto, asparagus dishes, seafood, eggs, fritters.

Also suitable as an aperitif

Serve at 12°C.